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Holiday with Broski!


Episode Number: 266

First Airdates

August 26, 2005
North America


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Holiday with Broski! (とっとこ夏サー! サーファーくん) is the 266th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.


Pepper came with Dylan Iwata. Ham-Hams, who had heard that Laura Haruna and Dylan Iwata were going to the beach, specially prepared "Ham-Ham Beach" for Pepper. Pepper gives a treat to a playful beach made of sand. In addition, Oxnard wants Pepper to surf on the beach. In order to entertain Pepper, Oxnard has been helping Seamore and has been surfing. Pepper enjoys sand surfing with Oxnard. Pepper is a fast learner, so he ended up handling the surfboard in place of Oxnard. However, even though their position became difficult, Oxnard and Pepper had a great time surfing together. there, Broski has arrived. Speaking of Broski, a boy who pretends to be a surfer and looks good even though he can't really swim. Even today, as if he's better at surfing than Seamore, he's telling Seamore, "Sir, you can always ask for advice." However, Pepper, who has become completely obsessed with surfing, believes in Broski's words and "challenges his life to big waves." I said that I want you to teach me how to surf. That's how Pepper followed Broski. But, of course, Broski, who can't swim, is only good at surfing. Pepper, who thought that he would definitely go out to sea, began to get annoyed with such a Broski. Unable to endure it, Pepper forcefully drags Broski to the beach, but Broski refuses to try surfing. Pepper is angry and kicks his feet. At that moment, the sand under Pepper's feet crumbled, and Pepper slid down the slope of the sand toward the sea. However, as expected, Pepper immediately got on the surfboard and went straight to surfing! It was a big pleasure, Ham-Hams, but it was a Pepper, surfing is not that simple, I lost my balance in the middle of the day and clinging to the board was all I could do. Pepper is drifting away. Oxnard jumped out quickly, got on his surfboard, used a piece of board as an oar, and went out to sea to help Pepper. Seamore and Ham-Hams also went to Pepper's home about Oxnard. However, a big wave hits Pepper in front of everyone, and the surfboard on which Pepper is riding splits in two. Pepper was knocked down. However, Oxnard did a nice catch of Pepper! beautifully, it was a great way to help Pepper. Without Ham-Hams tried to go back to the sandy beach, after that, more and more big waves came. However, with the help of Seamore, everyone feels like surfing. I passed through the waves and enjoyed a big surf. Only one person, Broski, was shaking violently. Oxnard and Pepper sit side by side while watching the sea glowing at sunset. The two of them were very happy because they had very wonderful memories.



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