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I'm Worried About My Sister!

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Episode Number: 189

First Airdates

February 26, 2004
North America
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I'm Worried About My Sister! (とっとこ心配! いもうとよ) is the 189th episode of the anime series Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

The Spring Festival is coming up but Sandy is not feeling very well! The Ham-Hams go take her to see Flora.

Flora tells her to rest and if she feels worse, get her owner to take her to see Doctor Lion. Stan upon hearing this rushes to them, but focuses on Flora rather than his sister, enraging all the Ham-Hams. Sandy storms off.

On the way home, Sandy confronts Stan and tells him to leave her.

That evening, Hillary returns home to see Sandy lying on the floor of her cage. She rushes her to Doctor Lion. He takes her in during the night.

The next day, Stan hears what has happened and rushes off to see her. Flora doesn't allow this, much to his disappointment. In order to see her, he has to do a few humiliating tasks for Sandy. He proceeds to do so.

Finally, after Sandy sees how much Stan would do for her, and that she was starting to get a bit incomprehensible for her actions, she starts to accept him. But she is still sick, missing out on the Spring Festival. Stan however, got the festival moved to Doctor Lion's bus.

Stan finds out that this was all a set-up and they all apologize to him. But he is OK and happy to be back with Sandy, and Flora of course.



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