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I Love My Grandpa!


Episode Number: 44

First Airdates

May 4, 2001
North America
July 23, 2002
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I Love My Grandpa! (とっとこ大好き!おじいちゃん) is the forty-fourth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

On Children’s Day, Laura’s Grandpa comes to visit, bringing with him his latest invention, a fully automated treadwheel. He decides to test it on Hamtaro and before long, the wheel throws Hamtaro across the room. Laura gets upset with her grandfather and leaves the house. Grandpa is hurt and goes out too.

Hamtaro rallies the Ham-Hams to find a way to bring the two back together. The hamsters arrange for a “chance” meeting where Grandpa bought the treadwheel parts, and when Laura “accidentally” runs into him, she realizes that even though his gift backfired, what he did was an act of love. She both apologizes and forgives him, and they go about their day.

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:




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  • Stan is the only one that doesn't speak through the whole episode.
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