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In Search of the Pendant


Episode Number: 49

First Airdates

June 8, 2001
North America
August 26, 2002
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In Search of the Pendant (とっとこさがせ!幸せのペンダント) is the forty-ninth episode of the Hamtaro anime series.

Plot Summary

After Laura's parents have an argument, Dad leaves the house with Laura. As a worried Hamtaro watches them go, the Ham-poet Jingle appears. In the meantime, Laura and her dad go to the department store and buy her mom a pretty pendant for Laura’s parent’s anniversary, but when they get home, Laura discovers the pendant is missing.

Hamtaro is determined to find the pendant, so he enlists the help of Jingle and the others to go back to the department store. The Ham-Hams who have heard so much about the store go wild with mischief, but soon settle down and help Hamtaro. But still they come up empty. They are all but defeated when Jingle steps forward. On his back is “a bag that holds all kinds of things,” including the heart-shaped pendant.

Laura gets up in the morning and finds a gift box near her pillow, and she and her dad present the pendant to her mother. Jingle sings, “Happiness was Hers All Along”. The hamsters now know it is true.

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