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It's Robin-Ham!


Episode Number: 52

First Airdates

June 29, 2001
North America
August 29, 2002
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It's Robin-Ham! (とっとこ参上! ハムハム小僧) is the fifty-second episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Snoozer sleeps so peacefully that no Ham would know how busy his dreams are. In one dream, the Ham-Hams are in a castle town and Robin Ham (played by Hamtaro) is going to Chick-ah Chick-ah Castle to visit the sick father of Maid Laurien. When he gets there, The Miser, played by Howdy, has also just arrived. The Miser, also known as Howlin the Magician, intends to overpower Prince Snoozer and take over the castle. The Ninja Hams, led by Boss, try to defeat The Miser and so does the decked-out Dexter, but they fail. At last Robin Ham, who is able to overcome Howlin’s comedic gags, defeats The Miser and secures the castle. For his heroic deed he is pardoned for giving stolen coins to the poor. Peace is restored to the castle town and also to Snoozer’s dream world.

Featured Characters




  • Brandy (Robin-Ham's dog companion)


  • In the original Japanese version, Howdy (as the miser) pulls out a pop gun and attempts to shoot Prince Snoozer, who narrowly avoids being shot by rolling over. The scene was cut out in the English dub due to the gun being too realistic. The scene is present in the German and Italian dubs, however.
  • This is the final episode that was aired in the US.
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