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It's a Duel, Boss!

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Episode Number: 121

First Airdates

October 25, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

We start off with Oxnard, Hamtaro, Bijou and Boss sunbathing and eating a sunflower seed. They decide that when their done they would play with the rest of the Hams. On their way back, a cat starts to chase them. Bijou trips and Hamtaro & Boss head back to save her. Boss gets scared and ducks as the cat jumps over them.

Back at the clubhouse, the Hams arrive and Hamtaro tells them of Boss's bravery that saved them, yet Boss knows the real story and walks out in guilt.

Hamtaro follows him outside and Boss tells him to leave. Hamtaro says that he doesn't like to see Boss angry which causes him to punch Hamtaro for getting too close. Hamtaro and Boss argue for the next short while. Sabu comes along and sorts out their argument by giving them a Duel, to fetch 2 Acorns and bring them back to the clubhouse.

The other Hams get worried about Boss and Hamtaro not returning and so Maxwell takes charge and decides that they would all go out looking for them. Sabu interrupts them at the door and tells them that a search would not be worth it as their currently battling it out.

Boss and Hamtaro throughout the duel give each other tips and also work together to get away from the same cat as before. They both reach Trotting Peak at the same time, with Boss climbing the Peak edge and Hamtaro taking the longer, but safer route. At the top of the tree, Hamtaro saves Boss from falling and they both secure an Acorn. They both battle it out until the end with whoever in the lead changing every few moments.

Hamtaro and Boss in the park come across the same cat as before and Boss uses his acorn to finish off the cat one last time. They both run towards the Clubhouse.

They both return to the Clubhouse entrance with the other Hams waiting at the finish line. They both cross at the same time, yet Hamtaro is the winner and he is the only one left with an Acorn. He tries to defend Boss saying that his Acorn was used to save them, but Boss accepts defeat to Hamtaro to his dismay. Sabu walks off saying that because of this, Boss is now a better man.



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