Ivy (キューティー) is one of the Rainbow Girls, along with Daisy and Rosy. They serve under Prince Bo and would do absolutely anything for him. She appears in the Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games GBA game on Team Rainbow.

Her Japanese name comes from the English word "Cute" while her English name, Ivy, comes from the ivy plant because her suit and hair colour are green. 


Ivy is tomboyish and trendy, and can be just as feisty as her partner, Daisy, sometimes. She is shown to be a farm girl with a Southern accent in Ham-Ham Games, but this did not carry over to the anime. She's always her best when Bo's around, but this doesn't stop her and the other girls from their squabbles.


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  • She speaks with a Southern accent in the English version of the game, but she speaks with a normal, high-pitched voice in the English dub of the anime.
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