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Jingle, the Wanderer


Episode Number: 10

First Airdates

September 8, 2000
North America
June 14, 2002
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Jingle, the Wanderer is the 10th episode of the series and the 10th episode in Season One.

Laura takes a floppy disk to her father's office. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Penelope are trapped inside her purse. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope and the disk fall from Laura's purse, only to meet a hamster named Jingle. Laura discovers the disk has disappeared and looks for it with her father. The hamsters also help. Can they find the disk with Jingle's help?


Laura's father asks her to deliver an important floppy disk to his office. While Laura packs her bag, Hamtaro gets trapped inside. On the way to Mr. Haruna's office, Hamtaro picks up two hitchhikers, Oxnard and Penelope, who have just escaped from an angry crow. When Oxnard's sunflower seed falls to the ground, Oxnard jumps out of Laura's bag to go after it, and Hamtaro and baby Penelope follow, not knowing that the yellow disk has slipped out of Laura's bag too.

The hamsters get lost in the park and run into Jingle, the wandering Ham-Poet, who plays them prophetic ballads on his guitar. Soon an upset Laura appears, retracing her steps with her father, and when the Ham-Hams overhear that she has lost the floppy disk, they feel they must help her find it (even though they are not sure what a 'flo-pee' disk is for). Soon they discover that the rambling Jingle has found the disk and plans to use it as his new, hard, square, yellow pillow. Knowing that it's more important than a pillow, the Ham-Hams persuade him to give it back to them, and they are able to return it to Laura's shorts pocket.






  • Tied with Hamtaro (Episode) for the second lowest amount of defined Ham-Hams in an episode.


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