Kana Iwata


First Appearance: Episode 1: Hamtaro


Owns: Oxnard
Best Friend(s): Laura Haruna, Maggie O'Hara
Loves: Kazuya O'Hara
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of Birth: February 27th
Eye Color: Brown

Voice Actor

English: Daniella Evangelista (Canada)
Japan: Ai Uchikawa
Italy: Giusy Di Martino
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Kana Iwata (岩田カナ, Iwata Kana) is Oxnard's cute and friendly owner. She met Laura the day Laura moved in and they have become the best of friends since then. She is also a very talented artist. Kana is in the same grade as Laura. She seems to have a crush on Maki's older brother.

Her french name is Anna.


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