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Kind Flora


Episode Number: 126

First Airdates

November 29, 2002
North America
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Kind Flora (とっとこやさしい! ナースちゃん) is a 126th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Laura is taking Hamtaro to see Doctor Lion for his checkup. When he gets there, most of the other Hams that have owners are there too! (Only Maxwell, Cappy and Panda are missing)

Doctor Lion then introduces everyone to his new assistant, Flora. She then comes out of his pocket and starts to check the Hams.

When their checkup is done and they return to the Clubhouse, they all talk about her and Boss decides that they should bring her to the Clubhouse! Stan then comes in and starts to show his love for her.

They return to Doctor Lion's bus to which Stan tries to get her attention through flowers and music, but they both fail. When all of the Hams give up on him, Stan grabs Hamtaro and Oxnard as they turn around and says that they must help him as that's what friends do. Reluctantly, they agree.

Stan tries to get close to her by faking an injury, but this plan also fails. When saying that he has a pain in his head, a stomach ache and a problem in his feet, Flora says that he must have a fatal disease that needs to be treated. The proceeds to bring out a needle. However, she says that she won't be able to do it as she needs Doctor Lion to do it! Flora however accidentally drops the needle which misses Stan with the needle going in between his legs.

The Ostrich that hatched in the Clubhouse back in episode 107 then makes a re-appearance in Doctor Lion's bus to which the Hams try to stop once it breaks free. Stan however scratches his arm in this and Flora remembering his injuries, patches him up with lots of bandages.



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