Bijou's Memorable Picture Book Season 6 Laugh, Hillary!

Knitting Barrette


Episode Number: 133

First Airdates

January 24, 2003
North America
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The Ham-Hams meet Barrette, a hamster who can knit. Barrette has a crush on Hamtaro and she sees Bijou as a rival. Meanwhile, Penelope is sad that Pashmina is not with the Ham-Hams. Will Barrette be friends with Penelope?


Hamtaro notices that it had snowed outside and goes out to play with the Ham-Hams. Outside, Hamtaro notices a new Hamster with Oxnard who loses control when riding a ball of wool. Oxnard introduces him to Barrette. Hamtaro catches a cold and she proceeds to wrap him up in wool.

In the Clubhouse, Barrette announces that she has formed a crush on Hamtaro, to which she is told by Howdy that Bijou already fancies him. She forms a rivalry against her, stating that she will knit for Hamtaro all the time. To stop her going on, the Ham-Hams decide that they will go out and play in the snow. Boss then states that Barrette should play with Penelope as Pashmina has other stuff to do.

Outside, the Ham-Hams are playing whilst Barrette and Penelope sit out and talk. Missing Pashmina, Penelope starts to cry. Barrette, to calm her down, make some plush fruit and seeds. Penelope then wonders off. Barrette follows as she has to keep an eye on her.

The Ham-Hams started to build a sculpture out of the snow, but a storm picks up and so they take a break. When finding shelter, they realize that Barrette and Penelope are missing. Hamtaro, Boss and Oxnard search for the girls, leaving Maxwell in charge of protecting the other Ham-Hams.

The girls had fallen into a pothole. In order to keep Penelope calm, Barrette makes a plush Pashmina for her to keep, so she wouldn't get lonely. Oxnard notices wool disappear into the snow, and follows it to find the girls safe under the snow. All three rescue the girls.

When arriving at the shelter Maxwell had found, the storm picks up even more and they all head into protection. The sculpture was too weak to hold and starts collapsing. Barrette creates supports using her wool around the sculpture so that it wouldn't fall. This works and the storm dies down. The Ham-Hams finish the structure and Pashmina arrives.

To thank all the Ham-Hams, Barrette makes plushes of all of them to have!



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