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Lapis and Lazuli


Episode Number: 194

First Airdates

April 2, 2004
North America
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Lapis and Lazuli (とっとこラピスちゃんと! ラズリーちゃん) is the 194th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro and it's the first episode of Season 9.

Plot Summary

The episode starts with an unnamed hamster mixing a cauldron with a blue beam shooting from the top of it.

We next see Hamtaro's cage as he is struck and woken up by a blue lightning. All the other Ham-Hams wake up too.

The next morning as Laura leaves for school, the Ham-Hams all meet outside Hamtaro's house to which they all say they've had the same dream about Snoozer inside a candy house. Oxnard points out that he noticed a very sweet smell that he could probably follow with his nose, so all the Ham-Hams follow him.

They end up in a grassy field, when they hear someone crying out for help. The Ham-Hams find a hamster wearing a blue cloak had fallen down a hole. When offering their help, she tells them to leave, but Hamtaro nevertheless goes down and helps her. Much to the dismay of the Ham-Hams, she tells them to let go and leave.

After the Ham-Hams pull them out, she introduces herself as Lapis but then tells them to leave. Oxnard crashes through the Ham-Hams and notices the sweet smell coming off Lapis, making the Ham-Hams chase her around for a while. They however lose track of her as they come across an elephant, a giraffe, a goat and two lemurs.

Once they escape, Oxnard catches onto the smell again and they end up at a small house. They break in and storm through a door in which they end up outside the candy house they saw in the dream. Snoozer calls them from inside and the girl from the cauldron introduces herself as Lazuli, much to Lapis's dismay.

The Ham-Hams go outside again and get excited to have found a world of candy and sweets!


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