Laura's parents


First Appearance: Hamtaro (Episode)


Owns: Hamtaro, Brandy
Family: Laura Haruna (daughter)
Willow Haruna (mother)
Woody Haruna (father)
Gender: Female & Male
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Height: Secret

Voice Actor

English: Cathy Weseluck (Marian Haruna)
Samuel Vincent (Forrest Haruna)
Japan: Rei Sakuma (Marian Haruna)
Hiroshi Isobe (Forrest Haruna)
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Forrest Haruna (春名ユメ太郎, Haruna Yumetarō, Yumetarō Haruna) and Marian Haruna (春名ヒロミ, Haruna Hiromi, Hiromi Haruna) are Laura's parents. Forrest works in an office, and Marian works in a flower arranging shop. They both love Laura a lot.

Marian, as she always has a lot on her mind, seems to get names mixed up very easily. In the first few episodes she confuses Laura's name with Brandy and Hamtaro. She is usually doing a lot of housework when not at work in the flower shop, and does not often give herself a break. Prior to A Breath of Autumn! she has seemingly had no proper break since the day that she and Forrest went to the mountains to enjoy the pretty autumn leaves, which are now so memorable to her.

Forrest is a quirky but always happy father. Like Marian, he is very gentle to Laura. Forrest gives cute nicknames to Laura, for example "pumpkin". He worries a lot - perhaps overreacting when Laura is out for long, as seen in Laura is Really Gone!. Sometimes, Forrest and Conrad compete against each other. A good example of this is The Sports Festival!, where they try to prove to each other that their daughter is better than the other's. But despite competition, they all are good friends. Forrest is usually very busy with work as he works in an office, and often gets home quite late. He also has a distinct weakness for chocolate.

They are also very good friends with the Iwata family, their neighbors. Both families often go on trips together.

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