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Leave it to Us, the Ham-Ham Nurse Team!

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Episode Number: 147

First Airdates

May 2, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams see that Flora is constantly working and that now she has to deal with an open day at the school. Boss, Sandy, Bijou, Pashmina and Penelope decide to take her place whilst the others take her out on a trip.

However the Ham-Girls (and Boss) struggle to cope with her chores and when out, Flora can't help but think about her job. They then find a lost bird and help it find it's parents. Flora decides to go back to her work.

The Ham-Ham nurse team has fallen asleep! All the animals had escaped! When all the Ham-Hams return, they help Flora retrieve all the escaped animals. When she does, Doctor Lion sees this and puts all trust in Flora. (He believes that all the animals escaped due to Laura's loud screaming.



Other Hamsters:




  • Has the longest episode title.


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