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Let's Cross the Rainbow!


Episode Number: 33

First Airdates

February 16, 2001
North America
June 19, 2002
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Let's Cross the Rainbow! is the thirty-third episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Laura’s good friend Kana is in the hospital on a dreary rainy day. When the sky clears after the rainstorm, a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky and Laura wants her friend Kana to see it, but as much as she looks she can’t find it.

At the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Bijou is looking for the rainbow too and the doting Boss promises to find it and take her across it. Boss and the Ham-Hams look everywhere, but they cannot find the rainbow. Finally they seek the wisdom of Elder Ham who tells them to go to a special rooftop the next day. When they climb to the roof, however, all they see is a gray and rainy sky. Several hamsters get discouraged and leave, but eventually the gray clears and the remaining hamsters enjoy a blue sky filled with a beautiful rainbow. Hamtaro sees the brilliance reflected in the rooftop’s skylight, and they walk across it. Kana sees the rainbow too and the colorful promise of good friendships fills the day.

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