Bijou's in Danger! Season 1 The Search for Sandy's Brother

Let's Dance, Sandy!

Let's Dance

Episode Number: 13

First Airdates

September 29, 2000
North America
June 19, 2002
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Let's Dance, Sandy! is the 13th episode of the series and the 13th episode of Season One.

As Elder Ham's Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival approaches, Sandy confesses to Hamtaro that she has a crush on Maxwell because he reminds him of her brother. Sandy asks Hamtaro to find out if Maxwell feels the same about her. The Ham-Hams vow to find Sandy's brother, leading directly into the next episode.


Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are rehearsing for their performances in Elder Ham's annual Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival. Boss is studying for the lead role in a play and the Ham-Ham girls are practicing their gymnastics routine. Maxwell spots Sandy singing a song (Twirling Whirling) and she tells him it is a song her brother used to sing to her when she was young. Maxwell reassures her that she'll find her brother again someday. Sandy later tells Hamtaro that she has a big crush on Maxwell, because he reminds her so much of her twin brother. Sandy asks Hamtaro to see if Maxwell feels the same about her, and the other girls pester Hamtaro about it too.

When the day of the performance arrives, the girls (Sandy, Bijou, Pashmina and Penelope) impress both Elder Ham and Maxwell; Hamtaro sees this as a chance to ask Maxwell about Sandy, but he can't find the words. Soon he's distracted when baby Penelope almost falls off the stage, but she's rescued by Sandy. Elder Ham is so impressed with Sandy's heroism that he awards her and the girls the Grand Prize, a pyramid of sunflowers! Elder Ham notices how much Sandy looks like a boy hamster he once knew. Hamtaro eventually tells Maxwell about Sandy and he also confesses his feelings to him. Could it be that Sandy's brother is closer than she thought? The Ham-Hams vow to find out.

Meanwhile, Laura and Kana meet Sandy's owner, Hillary, and they talk about their hamsters.

This leads immediately on to the next episode, The Search for Sandy's Brother.



Other Hamsters:




  • First instance of Twirling Whirling (song).
  • Only time in the main series that a character (Stan) is mentioned before they debut in a different episode [CITATION NEEDED]


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