Lost at the Amusement Park Season 7 The Ghost Stories of Summer!

Let's Swim, Seamore!


Episode Number: 161

First Airdates

August 8, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

Laura, Kana, Travis, Roberto, Yume-chan, Zack and many other kids from the school are on a summer trip hosted by Goldie and Curtis. The Ham-Hams also hitch along with them. But Laura lost the bag of swimsuits. She never found her swimsuit. But she forgot it at home. Then Roberto took off his pants like underwear. But the girls are shy. Roberto doesn't have his swim pants.

Laura and Roberto both forget their swimsuit and swim pants so they both decide to help out at the cafe.

The Ham-Hams are on the beach and Boss states that as he is the 'Ham of the Sea', he can surf to impress Bijou. However, Penelope's new hat gets blown away into the sea! Boss knowing that hamsters can't swim doesn't retrieve it. Out of nowhere, a hamster appears and says that he can retrieve the hat. When he jumps in, the Ham-Hams can only watch in amazement at a hamster that can swim! On returning, he becomes the proclaimed 'Ham of the Sea', much to Boss's disappointment.

To try and get his 'title' back, Boss looks for a sea shell that resembles Seamore's and tries to swim using it. This doesn't work and he falls down a cliff. Seamore jumps in to rescue him. The tide then changes and they both drift out to sea. Panda brings along an inflatable boat and they use it to rescue them.


Other Hamsters:




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  • This episode has the most defined characters in an episode
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