The Milky Way Season 5 Rolling, Big Egg!

Lovestruck Stucky


Episode Number: 106

First Airdates

July 12, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams meet up in the park to decide what game to play. Cappy, who is hiding underground, states that he want's to play Hide and Seek but then states that it's no fun without his friend. The Ham-Hams, not knowing who he means, hear a call from different directions.

Stucky then appears over the horizon and the Ham-Hams run over to greet him. They then play Hide and Seek with Cappy and Stucky as 'it'.

On the way home, Stucky sees this girl rabbit in a window pop out from inside a log. He tries to talk to her but she doesn't reply.

That evening, Stucky tells Cappy and Boss about the girl he saw in the window and says that he wants to marry her.

The next day, when the Ham-Hams meet up, they tell the others of what he said and, mortified, the Ham-Hams question this, stating that Stucky is too young to get married. The Girl Hams then describe to the boys what love means and corrects them from believing that it is bad. They decide to help Stucky play hide and seek with the rabbit.

Upon reaching the rabbit's house, they see that Laura is inside. Laura's cousin Emiko was to get married! The Ham-Hams however needed to cross the room they were in to get upstairs where the rabbit was. They find an old dollhouse and they decide to use that to get across the room. At the other side, Laura's cousin's cat Lucy finds them and starts scratching at the dollhouse.

Once the cat is gone, the Ham-Hams run up the stairs to get to the rabbit. To their dismay, the rabbit is only a toy and they think about how Stucky would react if he found this out. Back in the Clubhouse, they think of a plan to try and make sure that Stucky doesn't find out the truth.

In the park, they find Stucky and a white rabbit comes out to play with him. The white rabbit this time, however, is Bijou dressed up and playing Hide and Seek with him. The Ham-Hams feel proud of their accomplishment, to which Stucky walks in to hear. He confronts the Ham-Hams but is still oblivious that the rabbit was Bijou.

Back on the roof where Stucky, Boss and Cappy were the evening before, Stucky thanks the Ham-Hams for being his friend, but says he now has to go and visit the new town that to which the rabbit was moving. He bids the Ham-Hams farewell and disappears into the darkness of the night.



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