Malta (シェイクちゃん) is a Ham-Ham who appears in some of the Japanese episodes.


Malta lives in a mansion with her very rich owner, the butler, and the guard dog, Bakasu. Every day, Malta goes on walks with her owner, the butler carrying her on a custom-made hamster bed. She is quite shy and somewhat unworldly, as she is doted on by her owner and has a lavish lifestyle.



Malta first met Tater after he caught her from falling. The two fell in love at first sight. However, it wasn't long before her frazzled owner whisked her away. Remembering that Tater risked his life to catch her, she realizes she wants to see him again. After escaping her house out through the window, she finally sees Tater again. When he offers to share his "very very hot fries" with her, she gladly accepts, and the two seem to have become a couple after that.


Broski once had a crush on her, with his flirting attempts threatening Tater and Malta's relationship. This leads to Tater challenging Broski to a "very very hot battle" to see who could win Malta's heart. However, after Broski found out she was truly in love with Tater, his crush died out and the two became friends.



  • Malta and Tater were originally created to promote the Hamtaro Happy Meal Toys in Japan. Malta's hair even resembles McDonald's iconic golden arches.
  • Her Japanese name comes from "milkshake"
  • On a Singaporean licensing site, her English name is revealed to be Malta, possibly named after a "malt shake" to keep in theme with common fast foods.
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