Super Hamster Robo-Joe Season 4 Nin-Ham the Ninja!

Maria's Birthday Party


Episode Number: 87

First Airdates

March 1, 2002
North America
May 22, 2003
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Maria's Birthday Party (とっとこパニック!ひなまつり) is a 87th episode (86, outside in region) of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Maria has invited all her friends over to her family mansion for her birthday. Even the Ham-Hams, including Boss who is all dressed up for the occasion, are coming over so that they can visit Bijou. When Laura, Kana, Kylie, and June arrive, Maria’s mother wants to show them Maria’s birthday present: a new doll to add to her elaborate Japanese doll collection. After touring the house, all the guests sit down to listen to Maria play the piano for them.

Meanwhile, Bijou gives the Ham-Hams a tour of the house, too. But Maria has a little dog, Princess, who gives Boss quite a chase! Escaping to the room where the doll collection is displayed, Boss, tugs a bit of material to wipe his sweaty brow. But the precious dolls are resting on that very same material! All the Ham-Hams watch aghast as Boss’ little tug sends every single one of Mari’s dolls tumbling down! Oh no…







  • In the original Japanese version, as well as some other dubs, this episode is about the Japanese holiday of the Doll Festival, or hinamatsuri, and not Maria's birthday. The original title was "Panic! Doll Festival". It was most likely changed in the English dub to avoid confusion since only the Japanese celebrate the Doll Festival.
  • Maria's dog was named Lily in the original version, but for some reason, her name is Princess in the dub.
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