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Marron (ちびくりちゃん) is a Ham-Ham who appeared in the video game Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and some of the Japanese episodes of the anime Hamtaro.


Marron is a very tiny hamster, only slightly taller than Penelope. She is most likely very young as well, as she cannot care for herself and relies on her guardians, Eggy-P and Tomy-T. She has a distinctive tuft of fur on top of her head, which resembles the pointy top of a chestnut. She ends her sentences with "kuri~", which means "chestnut".


Marron is hot-headed and a bit of a troublemaker, often running away from home when she is frustrated. She often comes across as stubborn and proud, and doesn't like to admit she's wrong.

She is a bit self-conscious, and perhaps embarrasses herself when she can't perform physical activities, as she isn't very strong yet. She also constantly denies the fact that she looks like a chestnut, which seems to happen a lot.



She develops a friendship with Penelope in Marron's Autumn Festival when Penelope helps her pick herself back up and lays down sandbags (to stop a river overflowing) using Fukusuke. She seems to understand what Penelope is saying. They are also of similar height (very short), which is unique to most of the other Ham-Hams. She calls Penelope "little one" on occasion.

Eggy-P and Tomy-T

Eggy-P and Tomy-T watch over Marron like a little sister, and she lives with them on their orchard. Despite being very stubborn and belligerent with them, she loves her "brothers" very much. Eggy-P reads her stories and sings her a lullaby called "Hey There, Veggie-Cat" before she goes to bed.


Sabu meets Marron for the first time in Smell Strongly, Marron!. The two get into a fight as to whether seeds or veggies are the best food for hamsters. Marron skitters away, seemingly triumphant that she "won" the debate. Sabu gets over it pretty quickly, and decides to pack up the veggies Marron left at the Clubhouse to bring to her. He accidentally squishes some tomatoes that fell out out of his paws, causing Marron to become very upset and run away. When he arrives at the orchard, Marron is angry, and drives him out by throwing mud-balls at him. He decides to make it up to her by making a seed-veggie stew for her, Eggy-P, Tomy-T, and all the other Ham-Hams. Eventually the two become friends after she tastes his meal.


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