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Maxwell (のっぽくん Noppo-kun ) is an intelligent hamster who knows many facts. A book-smart hamster and a voracious reader, the Ham-Hams go to Maxwell for knowledge of the world around them.


Maxwell is owned by a family who runs a bookstore; the bookstore owner's daughter, Yume, is the one who cares for him most of the time. He always carries a book with him and provides the Ham-Hams with information. He seems to know a lot about advanced subjects, such as science and literature, due to his love of reading. Maxwell often tries to teach the Ham-Hams things from his studies, but they struggle to pay attention to his lectures (much to Maxwell's disappointment).

Maxwell can feel pressured when others ask a lot of him, or expect him to think up a solution for every problem - as happens in episodes like Maxwell's Big Scoop!. However, he is still good friends with the other Ham-Hams, and has stepped in to save them from dangerous situations. He had a crush on Sandy, and the two later became a couple.

He has a taller, thinner body shape compared to the other Ham-Hams, and his ears are longer; he is the tallest Ham-Ham save for Boss.



Maxwell and Sandy are in love with each other. Their feelings were first shown in Let's Dance, Sandy!, in which Sandy reveals her crush on Maxwell to Hamtaro. She convinces Hamtaro to ask Maxwell how he feels about her on her behalf, to which Maxwell hints that he likes her back. With various hints about the relationship following in later episodes, they are considered to become an official couple in A Little Love Story!; in which Maxwell reads a story of two lovers, and Sandy tries to make him understand how she feels. At the end of the episode, they both strongly imply that they love each other. The relationship isn't poked at too much afterward, but it is also shown in The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story! and It's Art, Sandy!.

Notable Episodes


(のっぽ Noppo)
Literally means "tall and lanky", referring to his unique size and body shape.
Maxwell Could be named after James Clerk Maxwell, a famous physician from England. He is also known for taking the first ever color photograph.


  • Throughout the series, Maxwell has used many different books.
  • Both Maxwell and Snoozer share almost identical body patterns. The only difference is around the tail, where Snoozer's brown rounds around it whilst Maxwell's brown points at it.[1]
  • Maxwell has the most jobs in the Clubhouse. He is the Ham-Hams' teacher (Much Ado about School!), the newspaper's editor (Maxwell's Big Scoop!), Second-in-Command (multiple instances), and was once the leader of the Clubhouse (from I'm Parting, Clubhouse! to Here I Am, Clubhouse!).
  • In early English-language promotions, Maxwell is officially stated to be owned by "the eldest son of a bookstore owner". As Yume was introduced much later in the series, it is likely that these publications were unaware of her existence; citing Maxwell's owner as a generic "son" as a result.


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