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Maxwell's Big Scoop!

Maxwell's Big Scoop.png

Episode Number: 23

First Airdates

December 8, 2000
North America
July 5, 2002
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Maxwell's Big Scoop! is the 23rd episode of the series and the 23rd episode of Season One.

Maxwell decides to create a newspaper called "The Ham-Ham Times" after Hamtaro learns that Laura and Kana are making a newspaper for the school. The Ham-Hams set out to each find news worthy of the paper.


When Laura gets assigned to write for the school paper, the Ham-Ham Friends are excited about starting their own paper “The Ham-Ham Times”. Maxwell is appointed Chief Editor and the hamsters all become reporters looking for the big scoop. Soon, Hamtaro and Oxnard discover a great story--the lake in the park is frozen over. Then Stan discovers there’s an island in the middle of the lake that is usually impossible to reach.

The hamsters set out across the lake, but Boss slips and the ice begins to crack. The hamsters, not really knowing what a Chief Editor does, turn to Maxwell for answers. Maxwell gets angry first, and then surprises himself with the idea to build a raft. Soon they are setting off across the lake, but before they know it, they start to be pulled toward a drainage hole. Maxwell quickly turns himself into a hamster ladder and uses all his strength to get his hamster staff to safety. The brainy Maxwell faints from all the physical exertion but when wakes, he sees that his rescue is the feature story in “The Ham-Ham Times.”

Meanwhile, Laura features hamsters in her class paper, and they prove to be very popular too! The School Paper and the Ham-Ham Times are both off to a great start.






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