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Midnight Celebration


Episode Number: 35

First Airdates

March 2, 2001
North America
June 21, 2002
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Midnight Celebration (とっとこ渡ろう!虹の橋) is the thirty-fifth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

It’s almost Mimi's birthday and the girls celebrate with Chinese Doll displays and treats. As the Hamsters are trying to understand the holiday, they find themselves following Mimi down the street, because they see her carrying the food they love, Rice Crackers. They follow her to Panda’s house where she invites the Ham-Hams in to celebrate, even though she sadly has no Chinese Doll Displays, because her mother is in the hospital having a baby. Feeling bad for Mimi, Elder Ham and the others devise a plan, and at midnight, Panda wakes Mimi to show her the Ham-Hams lined up and dressed like a Chinese Doll Display. The next day Mimi’s mom and new baby named Tina come home and like the good girl that she is, Mimi celebrates again--this time with Panda and her family.

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