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Mimi's Christmas


Episode Number: 129

First Airdates

December 20, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Kana and Mimi's dads have an argument over who will host the Christmas party and so they decide to split up and celebrate elsewhere. This causes Mimi to get upset.

In the clubhouse, the Ham-hams are decorating the place, Sandy accidentally covering Maxwell in fake snow and Penelope tripping everyone up with tinsel. Panda bursts in telling everyone the bad news. The Ham-hams decide that they will try to get both parents friendly again.

Throughout the episode, Mimi's dad states how he has cancelled Christmas as it's a waste of time and money, upsetting his kids in the process. He however see's the error in his ways and allows Mimi and her brothers to go to Kana's house.

The Ham-hams then lets Mimi know that he was outside and thinking about joining them, but decided to return home feeling down about what happened. She goes out and reunites with him and they all spend Christmas together.



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