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Mimi's Dream Park!


Episode Number: 65

First Airdates

September 28, 2001
North America
April 23, 2003
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Mimi's Dream Park! is the sixty-fifth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Mimi, Panda's owner, is all excited because she is supposed to go to the amusement park with her family, Laura's, and Kana's. However, Mimi's little sister, Tina, gets sick and her parents can't go, so a disappointed Mimi doesn't get to go either. Feeling badly for Mimi, Panda enlists the other Ham-Hams in a plan to cheer her up! Panda, with his crafty handyman skills, sets about constructing Mimi's very own Ham-Ham Fun Park! But after building all day, the weather turns bad and by nightfall, a big storm threatens to destroy all the Ham-Hams' hard work for Mimi!

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