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Mindy O'Hara (大原マキ) is the owner of Lapis and Lazuli. She moved to Japan from America. She lives with her grandfather and brother and has a pet bear cub, Kumajiro. She is good with animals and became friends with Laura and Kana.


  • She first appeared in a short ending scene following I'm Parting, Clubhouse!, but her first official debut is in the proceeding episode, Lapis and Lazuli.
  • While she never made an appearance in the English dub, her official English name is shown to be Mindy via her Friend Card in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games, which can only be obtained by using a special cheat code.
    • Due to her Friend Card not being documented for quite some time, many unofficial English sources would cite her name as "Maki" (a direct translation from her Japanese name) or "Maggie" (a seemingly fan-made name).


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