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Much Ado About School!


Episode Number: 9

First Airdates

September 1, 2000
North America
June 13, 2002
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Much Ado About School! is the 9th episode of the series and the 9th episode of Season One.

The summer vacation is over and school restarts. Laura and Kana return to school. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Boss (trapped inside Laura's backpack) join them. Hamtaro decides to create a hamster school, with Maxwell as their teacher.


After Laura begins a new semester, the Ham-Ham pals start to wonder if they might be missing something by not going to school. After Hamtaro, Oxnard, and Boss sneak into Laura's school for a day to check things out, the Ham-Hams set up a separate school of their own.

They agree that the book-smart Maxwell should be the teacher, but when he starts the lessons, the Ham-Hams lose interest and fall asleep. Then Maxwell coaches them in soccer, but a fight breaks out after Howdy gets a penalty for roughhousing. When the Ham-Hams start thinking that maybe school is not for them, Hamtaro insists they keep on trying. Cappy suggests they go to music class and once the Ham-Hams start singing, they all agree that school is not so bad. That evening, Laura tells Hamtaro about her day, and Hamtaro agrees that there is a good chance they'll both enjoy the semester.






  • Howdy briefly opens his eyes all the way in this episode. It happens when he turns and sees that Maxwell is furious at him for ripping his referee card.
  • First appearance of Laura's teacher, Mr. Yoshi.
  • Part of the Hamtaro opening theme is heard and sung towards the end.
  • At the Ham-Ham "school", the story Maxwell tries to tell to the other hamsters is the legend of Momotaro ("Peach Boy").
  • In order to evade the attention of Laura's teacher, Hamtaro, Boss, and Oxnard try to pose as a "maneki neko", or "beckoning cat", figurines (right next to a genuine one).


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