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My Best Friend

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Episode Number: 248

First Airdates

April 22, 2005
North America
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My Best Friend (とっとこ二人は! ベストフレンド) is a 248th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Howdy has finally managed to tell a thousand jokes. Pashmina has Dexter help Howdy to set up a party celebrating this, much to his dismay. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally breaks her dad's glasses, and they go to Curtis' shop to fix them. Dexter is exhausted from preparing for the party as he returns to his cage. Curtis comes in and apologizes to Dexter for not being with him very often. That night, Dexter sneaks to the Clubhouse and leaves something. The next day, Howdy is upset that Dexter is late. The Ham-Hams discover a present from Dexter and go to find him. They discover that the glasses shop is being remodeled and Curtis is carrying what seems to be Dexter's cage. The Ham-Hams try to follow them but a truck blocks the way, and by the time it moves, they are gone. Howdy is unhappy that Dexter is gone and the Ham-Hams try to find him. While searching, Howdy almost falls down and remembers a time when Dexter fell and he made him mad by telling a joke. After searching for him a long time the sunset appears. The Ham Hams try to tell Howdy to rest but he refuses. He decides to travel around the area. Suddenly, Dexter appears and shouts to him how anyone could stand his jokes. Howdy is overjoyed and runs to Dexter, only for him to hit him with a fan. Later, the Haruna family visit Curtis at his newly remodeled shop and he give a new pair of glasses to Forrest. During the party, Dexter and Howdy fall into a fight once again.







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