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Nande (なんでくん) is a Ham-Ham who appears in some of the Japanese episodes and is a main character in Hamtaro Nazo Nazo Q.


Nande is an inquistive hamster who loves to ask questions and make up confusing riddles for his friends to solve. He speaks in a Kansai dialect similarly to Howdy. He lives by the roots of the Hamha Tree.

He also has a unique outfit not seen on any other hamster: a black vest, a pair of round, black-rimmed glasses, and a big black-and-yellow hat with a red question mark on the front.


Nande, as suggested by his name, constantly asks "Why?" about anything and everything. His curiosity is often a source of irritation for everyone around him. When he isn't asking questions, Nande is a playful and cheery hamster who likes to experience everything the world has to offer him.



In Nande Returns!, Jingle, who seems to enjoy Nande's curious nature, invites him to travel alongside Herbert and him for a few days. Jingle, when he can't answer one of Nande's questions, tells him that the answer to everything is beyond the sky. From this point on, Nande seems to look up to him and likes him very much. Unsurprisingly, Jingle is the only hamster to not become irritated with Nande's questions, given his calm nature and the fact that he most always has an answer to Nande's inquiries. Jingle and Nande can be seen together in Happy Ham-Ham Wedding!.


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  • His name comes from the Japanese word "nande", which means "why?" or "how?".
  • It is rumored that Nande's English name was supposed to be "Howhy", a portmanteau of "how" and "why". This information comes from Mediaset's licensing website for the Italian dub, in which the information given there often comes from TMS itself [1].