Maria's Birthday Party Season 4 The Search for Spring!

Nin-Ham the Ninja!


Episode Number: 88

First Airdates

March 8, 2002
North America
May 23, 2003
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Plot Summary

Laura gets a bad score on the math test. Afraid she won’t be able to go out with Kana, Laura lies to her Mom and says that she got a perfect score on her test. In the meantime, the Ham-Hams encounter a strange new hamster…Nin-Ham, the ninja hamster from Iga Iga Valley. In anticipation of having Nin-Ham teach them some ninja moves, the Ham-Hams prepare Nin-Ham a huge feast! Nin-Ham doesn’t want to admit that his grades were so poor that he didn’t actually pass ninja school, so he shows the Ham-Hams some pretend ninja tricks.

It isn’t long before the Ham-Hams figure out, thanks to Elder Ham, that Nin-Ham is fibbing. But the Ham-Hams send Nin-Ham on a real ninja mission to prove his worth. At the same time, the Ham-Ham’s give Laura a test of her honesty, too!



Other Hamsters:



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