Okini (オーキニーちゃん, Ōkinī-chan) is a Ham-Ham who appears in some of the Japanese episodes.


Okini lives in a treehouse in the forest known as Hamha Tree, along with Skyham, Mystery, and Magical. She is rather greedy, and once tried to use Sparkle's fame to make money. She is also rude and insensitive shown in Episode 277 Lady Lapis!, when she called Lapis a grandma because she was being too protective of Lazuli. She once had a crush on Broski, but that crush was short lived. 


Okini is a little short tempered and rude. She will usually insult Sky Ham's dream to fly rather than supporting him and doesn't show much concern for him when he is injured. She loves money and will do anything to get more. She annoys Boss with her selfish nature and always makes him mad. She is scared of being trapped in a dark place shown in, Okini is Scared!. She also has stage fright in Showtime, Okini!. Despite her greedy nature, she does care about her friends and loves playing with them, she just doesn't want to admit it.






She dislikes being bankrupted, after all, she loves money. She is easily annoyed by Mystery's predictions, especially if they're wrong or too obvious.

  • From Happy Ham-Ham Wedding!
    • Mystery: "I'm looking at a happy Oxnard and Pepper! ~chu"
    • Magical: "Then the verdict is...!"
    • Mystery: "They'll have a happy wedding! ~chu"
    • Okini: "Well duh..."



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