"Otome's Crew"

Otome's Crew is a group consisting of Otome, Lion and Bear. They all love art and are constantly chanting "go, go, art, go!". Otome is the leader. Lion and Bear are her underlings of sorts and do whatever she says.

They don't seem to have a home or a base, though they have an open area containing many statues and art that the Ham-Hams wreck in It's Art, Otome's Crew!.

Otome tends to treat the Ham-Hams as their enemies after they (as mentioned above) mess up their art. Lion and Bear however treat them as friends sometimes, to Otome's annoyance.


After the first edition of the tower is a failure, they resort to using stilts.

They try to impress any hamster they meet by performing some form of act. For example in It's Art, Otome's Crew! they stack themselves on top of each other to create a tower, even though it ends in disaster.

They often are portrayed as antagonists through "dream" episodes, such as Auspicious Angels! and Hamha-Man the Justice Hero.

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