Otome (おとめちゃん, Otome-chan) is a Ham-Ham who appears in some of the Japanese episodes. Her friends (or underlings) are Lion and Bear, and together they are Otome's Crew. They all love art and are constantly saying "Go, go, art, go!"


Otome is the leader of Otome's Crew, hence the name. Whatever she says, goes, and Lion and Bear know it.

Otome is very arrogant and always takes a chance to impress other hamsters by performing various acts with Lion and Bear. She also ends her sentences with "jamachu~" as a verbal tic; it basically represents an interjection word used when interrupting something.

Otome's green hair is a wig. She is seen with various wigs and outfits throughout the series, mostly in It's Art, Otome's Crew!. However, she is never seen without one.


Lion and Bear

As her underlings, Lion and Bear are extremely loyal to Otome. Sometimes, she treats the two with disrespect, but she truly cares about them as friends. However, if one of them does not follow her orders or speaks out of turn, she won't hesitate to dish out punishment. Nonetheless, she is rarely seen without these two by her side.


The two first meet in Sparkle's Art, and they have a strange relationship. Sparkle becomes angry at Otome because she isn't in a Ham-Ham ice sculpture Otome's Crew made. The two begin to fight, much to the Ham-Hams attempts to keep things calm. Otome then challenges the pop idol to an ice-art contest. They work on their projects deep into the night, but then become stranded in Sparkle's ice castle due to a heavy snowstorm. As Sparkle is losing hope that the Ham-Hams will come rescue her, Otome attempts to comfort her. Afterwards, she keeps waking Sparkle up as she drifts in-and-out of sleep, worried that if she succumbs to sleep she will freeze to death. After the art contest is done, they both accept defeat. However, they begin to fight again over who lost.


  • "Otome" means "maiden".
  • There is a knockoff figure of her with pink hair.


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