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Our Biggest Memories!

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Episode Number: 146

First Airdates

April 25, 2003
North America
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Our Biggest Memories! (とっとこふたりの! 大事な思い出) is a 146th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Laura gets a letter from an old friend, so she decides to go to Sumire Town to visit her. Boss and Oxnard follow him, but spend the whole day arguing, making Hamtaro lose track of Laura. He spends all day trying to find her, having many memories of when he used to live there as a young Hamster.

He finds Jingle and Herbert but gets no advice from him whatsoever. He carries on looking for 'Our Place', where the girls will be.

Eventually, he finds the field that Laura and her friend is and he gets reunited with them.


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