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Oxnard's Big Crush


Episode Number: 37

First Airdates

March 16, 2001
North America
June 25, 2002
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Oxnard's Big Crush (とっとこ元気だ!じゃじゃハムちゃん) is the thirty-seventh episode of the series.


Kana’s cousin, Dylan lives on a farm called the Flower Ranch with his parents and pet hamster, Pepper. One day Kana and Laura and their families visit them and bring Hamtaro and Oxnard along. On the way, Oxnard tells Hamtaro about the huge crush he has on Pepper and hearing this, his good friend Hamtaro encourages him to tell her about his feelings that day. Incidentally, Oxnard falls into a series of mishaps that prevent him from clearly telling Pepper how he feels, but through these calamities, Oxnard becomes determined to let Pepper know what is in his heart. As the car is pulling away, Oxnard yells, “ I like you!” to Pepper. On the ride home, however, he wonders whether or not she heard him. A still blushing Pepper heard him loud and clear.



Other Hamsters:




  • Lowest number of defined Ham-Hams in an episode.


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