Our Ham-Ham Castle Season 5 Where Are You, Cappy?

Oxnard Shows True Love

Episode Number: 119

First Airdates

October 11, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Pepper has a cold after taking care of Daisy, the goat with Dylan in the rain. Oxnard learns that she is sick and wants to give his sunflower seed to her so she can eat it and get better. But Pepper's ranch is super far away! But Oxnard goes there anyway. He was standing near a busy highway. Once the coast is clear, he runs, but there's a big truck, thankfully Hamtaro and Boss saved him. They wanted to go along with him. They got to a stream. Oxnard made a raft to get across, but then Hamtaro and Boss paddles broke! Then they got off safely. They got to a mountain. There were rocks in the way! Oxnard tried to get up there, but failed. He tried again, but failed again. But finally, he and Hamtaro and Boss made it! They then got to Pepper's and Oxnard gave her the origami and offered the seed. But she said it was important to him and refused.



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