Happy Dream, Ham-Ham Train! Season 12 Skyham in Love

Oxnard and Pepper


Episode Number: 285

First Airdates

January 13, 2006
North America
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Oxnard and Pepper is the 285th episode of the series and the 2nd episode of Season Twelve.

It was never dubbed in English.

Plot Summary

Laura and Kana and her dad are visting Dylan's farm for the day. There's plenty of snow everywhere, so maybe they'll have time to ski. When they arrive, Pepper notices Oxnard and hugs him and remarks that he's lost weight. Hamtaro, Boss, Oxnard, Bijou, Okini and Sorahamu run off with Pepper. Hamtaro introduces Okini and Sorahamu to Pepper and Pepper gets some chicks for them to ride on. They come to the top of a hill, and Pepper starts snowboarding. Everyone starts snowboarding as well Oxnard almosts falls off his skiis, but Pepper saves him. They start talking about stuff I don't know what), which gets Oxnard really embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Laura and Kana are holding bunnies while Dylan talks about a fawn that got away from them. Laura remarks that they're bears in the forest that could attack it, which scares her. They decide to look for it right away. They see it by some bushes, so Dylan does some ninja action and jumps over the fence. The scene goes back to the Ham Hams skiing. The chicks come by and tell Pepper that trouble's afoot! Pepper starts to move away, but Hamtaro tells her that she should consider her friends or at least go together. They all run off into a forest. There's all kinds of deer here, and they seem to be looking for the fawn, too. They run back to where Laura and Kana were and see the fawn. They jump on it, but the fawn kicks them all off except Hamtaro. But he soon falls off too. It's decided that they have to figure out a different plan. If they could lead it to the adult deer, that might work. So the Ham-Hams lead it up to a hill, and then Oxnard tries to get it to follow him by snowboarding in the right direction. He loses balance, though, and is about to fall but Pepper saves him. The fawn finds his parents, and everything's happy again, right?

They're in the car talking, and Oxnards decides that he wants to be with Pepper for a long time. But they're about to go home, so he can't talk to her about it. So he jumps out the window and finds Pepper. Kana tries to take Oxnard back, but he won't let her. Dylan suggests that he could stay at the farm with Pepper. It's a hard decision for Kana, but she agrees. Oxnard and Pepper couldn't be happier!



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