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Panda (パンダくん Panda-kun) is a hamster owned by Mimi. A Ham-Ham whose fur matches his namesake, he is the sweet and gentle-natured carpenter of the Ham-Hams, who built and repaired many things for his friends across the series.

Character description

Panda serves as a carpenter for the Ham-Hams, building most of the large structures used by the Ham-Hams throughout the series. His most-prized project is the Ham-Ham Fun Park: a hamster-scale amusement park, complete with functioning rides and other attractions. Mimi's parents own and operate a woodwork shop in their house, meaning Panda always has access to construction supplies.

He is arguably the most subdued and relaxed out of the boy Ham-Hams, preferring to stay on the sidelines. He also seems to enjoy spending time with the girl Ham-Hams and shares some of their passions, such as knitting (seen in The Knitting Craze). He is also more sensitive than the other boys, and gets especially worked up if his owner is upset.



Panda has an extremely close bond with his owner, Mimi. She is the only human who can understand the Ham-Hams, and thus she often confides in Panda. Being the determined Ham-Ham he is, he goes out of his way and rallies the other Ham-Hams to support and help Mimi.


In earlier episodes, Panda has a crush on Bijou. This is first confirmed in the Tottoko Yoroshiku! Hamuchans introductory drama CD, in which he says he would like to build something for her and wonders if she likes him back. However, it seems like Boss's domineering personality and over-protectiveness of Bijou was too much for Panda to handle. He even says "There are too many rivals!" in regards to how many Ham-Hams have a crush on her. As a result of this, and also the fact that Bijou has never viewed him romantically, this crush seems to have died out early on.

Major Builds

Notable Episodes

Audio Files


Name Only used Composer Theme Song
パンダくんタイプで〜す♪ Tottoko Hamutaro: Tomodachi Daisakusen Dechu Satoko Yokota


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  • With the exception of the Basque dub, Panda is the only Ham-Ham who has the same name across all regional adaptations. (while Hamtaro's name is mostly universal as well, it is transliterated to "Hamtori" in Korean and "Hamutailang" in Chinese, respectively).
    • In the Basque translation, he is named "Potxolo", an affectionate epithet that translates to "darling" or "beloved". It is often used for a child who is agreeable and gentle, which coincides with Panda's kind nature.
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