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Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park!


Episode Number: 19

First Airdates

November 10, 2000
North America
June 27, 2002
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Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park! is the 19th episode of the series and the 19th episode of Season One.

Despite Boss, Howdy and Stan's stubbornness, the Ham-Hams decide to build a fun park under Panda's leadership. Meanwhile, Laura's family goes to the amusement park, but the car machinery breaks down.


When Laura goes off to the amusement park with her dad, Hamtaro tells his pals at the Clubhouse, and they decide they want to build an amusement park of their own. Panda brags that it’s something he’s always wanted to do and even shows them the blueprints, but Boss, Stan and Howdy think it’s just Panda’s way of trying to get the girls.

Still, the other hamsters like the idea and start working with Panda. Eventually Stan and Howdy can’t repress their urge to pitch in, and when Panda almost slips on a high branch, Boss steps in to rescue him.

Meanwhile, Laura’s father’s car breaks down on the way to the big amusement park. Kana and her father drive by and while the two fathers fix the car; Laura and Kana amuse themselves at a smaller park nearby. Even after the car is fixed the girls decide to stay at the small park where they are having a great time. The hamsters too have wild fun at their Ham-Ham Fun Park. That day all the good things came in small packages.







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