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Return of the Rooster Trio

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Episode Number: 116

First Airdates

September 20, 2002
North America


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Return of the Rooster Trio (とっとこふたたび! にわとりトリオ) is the 116th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary[]

The episode starts with Mr. Yoshi trying to feed the Rooster Trio. Mr. Yoshi is still deathly afraid of chickens, so he tries to think they're cute instead of scary. What he doesn't know is that the roosters are plotting something. While he isn't paying attention, the gray rooster jumps Mr. Yoshi, knocking him back. While Mr. Yoshi lies dazed on the ground, the Rooster Trio run out of their cage. Laura & Kana are walking down the street when the Rooster Trio run by. Laura and Kana immediately run after them.

Meanwhile, Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are playing jump rope in the park. Oxnard notices something walking by and trips up, knocking all the Ham-Hams to the floor. While he doesn't know what it is, he says that it's big & red. Back at the school, Mr. Yoshi is carrying a net to catch the roosters when Laura and Kana walk by. They talk about the Rooster Trio escaping, only for Charlotte to walk by. Kana tells Charlotte what happened, and Charlotte immediately jumps on her ostrich to catch them. Mr. Yoshi stops her, saying that since he was the one who let them out, he should be the one who catches them again. He says that by catching the roosters, he'll get over his fear of them. In fact, he says that he'll catch them by sundown. Mr. Yoshi runs after the Rooster Trio, while Charlotte stares at him.

Back with the Ham-Hams, they have continued playing jump-rope, while Oxnard tries to remember what he saw. The Rooster Trio jump up behind the Ham-Hams and scare them off. The Ham-Hams hide, only for the Rooster Trio to gang up on Pashmina and Penelope. Maxwell and Sandy use the jump rope and Sandy's ribbon to grab Pashmina and Penelope. Boss and the other Ham-Hams start attacking the Rooster Trio, but the roosters stare at them, scaring them off, with the roosters following them. The Rooster Trio back Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams against a tree. Howdy tells another bad joke, making them even angrier. The white rooster crows, alerting Mr. Yoshi. Mr. Yoshi yells at them, scaring the roosters off. Mr. Yoshi throws a net on the Rooster Trio, catching them. Unfortunately, the Rooster Trio break out and run off. The Ham-Hams feel bad for Mr. Yoshi, and decide they want to help catch the Rooster Trio. Maxwell comes up with a plan to lure them with corn, only for them to show up too early. Howdy shows up late with the Ham-Ham Train, and all the Ham-Hams jump in. They try to chase after the Rooster Trio, but the eyepatch rooster is holding the train back. He kicks the train, knocking it forwards, where the gray rooster is waiting for them. Howdy steers the Ham-Ham Train out of the way, only to run into the white rooster. Howdy makes another turn, and the Rooster Trio start chasing after them. The Ham-Ham Train crashes into the huge pile of corn, and the gray rooster attacks them. Luckily, it frees the train, and the Ham-Hams get away. Unfortunately, they're headed straight for a lake. The Ham-Hams bail out of the train, and jump onto a tree branch. Maxwell is down but not out; he immediately starts thinking of another plan to catch them.

Meanwhile, at the soccer field, Travis, Roberto and the soccer team are practicing. Mr. Yoshi, Laura and Kana walk up, with Mr. Yoshi saying that the Rooster Trio will show up there "for sure". Mr. Yoshi says that they'll go to the soccer field because it's a wide open space they can run around in, as opposed to the small and cramped cage they live in. Travis and the team go up to Mr. Yoshi, and Mr. Yoshi asks for their help. Back with the Ham-Hams, they're trying to track down the roosters as well. Unfortunately, Maxwell is still brainstorming.

Back at the soccer field, Mr. Yoshi has a new plan. He dresses up in a cardboard rooster costume to try and trick the Rooster Trio into thinking he's a giant rooster, scaring them. Roberto does not care about the whole situation, saying that it's "a lot of commotion just for some roosters". Laura yells at him, but just before they start arguing, the Rooster Trio walk by, just as Mr. Yoshi said. The soccer team get into position, trying to scare them into the soccer goal with their balls. Mr. Yoshi, in his rooster costume chases after them as well. Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams come out of the grass and cheer them on. Travis passes the ball to Roberto, and Charlotte walks up, staring at Mr. Yoshi. Mr. Yoshi jumps into the goal, dropping a net that traps the Rooster Trio inside. He tries to catch them, but his costume gets stuck on the net, letting the roosters escape. Worst of all, it's almost sundown, and if he doesn't catch them by then, he'd have broken his promise to Charlotte.

Luckily, Maxwell has another plan; The Ham-Hams dig hole all over the field and taunt the Rooster Trio, keeping them from escaping any further. Hamtaro, Boss and Howdy lead the Rooster Trio into each other, and the roosters get knocked out. Mr. Yoshi gets over his fear of the roosters and catches two of them, and Roberto catches the last one. However, the sun is setting. Mr. Yoshi laments that he seemingly broke his promise to his wife, but Charlotte says there's still a bit of the sun left in the sky, and Mr. Yoshi celebrates. Back at Laura's house, Laura writes about her day in her diary, and says her signature line.


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