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Rin Rin! Harmony!


Episode Number: 130

First Airdates

December 27, 2002
North America
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Rin Rin! Harmony! (とっとこりんりん! エンジェルちゃん) is a 130th episode of Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep whilst reading a book about angels. They then dream about the Ham-hams in an angel school, led by Harmony. Oxnard, Boss and Howdy however are too lazy to practice. Spat appears, and takes over the threesome's bodies in order to do bad deeds.

In the Human World, Hamtaro tries to help Laura as he sees her struggling, but he is unable to make a heart with his magic. Bijou helps out by making a heart for her. This grows a flower instantly. Laura puts the beautiful flower in her hair, and she is then noticed by The Prince (Travis) as he passed by. He says that he wanted a rest and that he would stay at Laura's house for dinner.

Spat brings his new minions to the Human world where he tries to ruin Laura's dinner to bring her misery. He succeeds because by the time Travis returns, the dinner is beyond repairable. She tells him to leave and never to return.

Hamtaro tries to fix things by chasing down Travis and bring him back to Laura's house which he successfully does. Also, his return also brings hope for Laura which frees Harmony from Spat's trap and she fixes the dinner. Spat is sent back to the angel world, whilst Oxnard, Boss and Howdy are punished for their wrong doings.


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