Roberto Arvelo


First Appearance: In A Pinch, A Rival Appears!


Best Friend(s): Travis Kimura
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Date of Birth: March 29th

Voice Actor

English: Matt Hill
Japan: Sachi Matsumoto
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Roberto Arvelo (ロベルト高城, Roberuto Takashiro) is returned from Brazil and becomes Laura's classmate. Roberto is a very arrogant but talented soccer player on the school soccer team. He often argues with Travis and Laura, but deep down, he is a kind boy who is often misunderstood. He is also an animal lover, and is fond of Laura's dog Brandy. He has a puppy named Samba who debuted in Who Stole My Shoe?. He seems to have a small crush on Laura, particularly as seen in I'm Parting, Clubhouse!, when he expressed that he was happy when Laura announced that she was not really moving away.

Though he was stubborn and egotistical at first, his attitude gradually changed, revealing his kindhearted side. He claimed he does not like rodents, and appeared rather distressed when he met Hamtaro for the first time, calling him a rat after "saving" Laura and Kana from a speeding car while they were crossing the road. He is a part of the school soccer team; though he is very good at the game he sometimes forgets to pass the ball as seen in In A Pinch, A Rival Appears!. Later in the episode Hamtaro, Oxnard and Boss search to teach him a lesson for insulting Hamtaro. He then saves them from a cat that was chasing them, but it becomes apparent that he can not tell the difference between rodents after calling them "chipmunks". In a Halloween episode, he dresses up Samba as a gremlin by putting a mask on the puppy, succeeding at scaring Laura and Kana who had been late to his Halloween party. 

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