Robo-Joe (メカじろう, Meka Jirō/Mecha Jirō) was created by Laura's grandpa. Robo-Joe is a robot hamster whose appearance seems to be based on Hamtaro. His main function is the ability to learn and mimic what he hears; both human language and Ham-Ham language.


Robo-Joe is a robot, meaning he does not feel any compassion for the Ham-Hams or anyone else. He does, however, recognize evil and does help out when necessary. He mimics anyone and anything living and repeats whatever phrase or noise they say whenever he wants. He is usually seen spitting random phrases and sounds that he has collected over time. Robo-Joe can for the most part outrun anyone and anything; he is extremely fast. He will always run out of battery eventually, though.

Over the series Robo-Joe shows off several different abilities:


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