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Romancing the Roosters


Episode Number: 47

First Airdates

May 25, 2001
North America
August 21, 2002
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Romancing the Roosters is the forty-seventh episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Mr. Yoshi, Laura’s teacher, cannot forget Charlotte, the beautiful woman he met in the wild classroom chicken incident, so the Ham-Ham girls (who are natural romantics) set out to find her. It seems that Charlotte comes from a wealthy home and has a domineering father, Chairman Rooster. Chairman Rooster is looking for “the right man” for Charlotte and is arranging a special meeting to introduce her to Chad Baldwin. The girl hamsters decide to intercept his invitation and deliver it to Mr. Yoshi instead. When Mr. Yoshi gets the letter, however, he thinks it’s a plan devised by his matchmaker mother, so he sets out to decline it. When he gets there, Chairman Rooster is angry because he’s not Chad Baldwin. He is further insulted when Mr. Yoshi declines the invitation, and finally becomes infuriated when he discovers that Mr. Yoshi has a strong fear of birds and chickens. The rooster is the guardian symbol of Chairman Rooster’s family!

In the meantime, Mr. Yoshi discovers that the daughter of Chairman Rooster is the lovely Charlotte. The situation further disintegrates when the precious Chicky-Chickies begin terrorizing the Ham-Hams, who are keeping an eye on Mr. Yoshi. A rumble breaks out, but the hamsters outsmart the little Chicky-Chickies by diverting them into the pond. Fortunately, Mr. Yoshi sees the Chicky-Chickies drowning, and he jumps in to save them……and almost drowns himself.

The Chicky-Chickies are safe, but Mr. Yoshi is soaking wet. And Chairman Rooster throws him out of the house. That day, a letter arrives from Charlotte, thanking him for his heroic act, telling him that she can’t wait to see him again.

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:




Panda is the only Ham Ham not to speak through the entire episode. Neither do June nor Kylie

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