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Sandy (トラハムちゃんTorahamu-chan ) is an athletic, but gentle hamster. She keeps the Ham-Hams on their toes with her sporty style, all the while keeping a close eye on her flirtatious twin brother, Stan.


Sandy is a sporty girl Ham-Ham who carries a ribbon baton. Her interest in rhythmic gymnastics has been influenced by her owner, Hillary, who is a gold medal gymnast. She had a crush on Maxwell, and the two later became a couple. In the English dub of the anime, she has a valley girl accent.

Sandy can be told apart from Stan by her orange tail with her trademark red bow; in comparison, Stan's tail is peach-colored with no bow. Sandy also generally carries her pink ribbon, whereas Stan usually carries maracas.



Stan is Sandy's twin brother. The two were separated when they were very young, and Sandy made it her goal to find him again - a goal which was achieved with the Ham-Hams' help. Upon reuniting, however, Sandy couldn't stand Stan's flirtatious attitude. When she notices Stan trying to woo in the girls, she makes him stop; often using her ribbon to forcefully pull him away by his tail. While Sandy is easily annoyed by her brother's antics and often gets frustrated with him, she loves and cares for him very much, as does he. The two also share a special song together from their youth, titled "Twirling Whirling" ("Kuru Kuru" in the Japanese version).



Maxwell and Sandy are in love with each other. Their feelings were first shown in Let's Dance, Sandy!, in which Sandy reveals her crush on Maxwell to Hamtaro. She convinces Hamtaro to ask Maxwell how he feels about her on her behalf, to which Maxwell hints that he likes her back. With various hints about the relationship following in later episodes, they are considered to become an official couple in A Little Love Story!; in which Maxwell reads a story of two lovers, and Sandy tries to make him understand how she feels. At the end of the episode, they both strongly imply that they love each other. The relationship isn't poked at too much afterward, but it is also shown in The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story! and It's Art, Sandy!.

Notable Episodes


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  • In Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu de Gozaimachu! Vol.1, Sandy's birthday is listed as June 22nd. Her birthday was changed to June 6th when Stan was created later on.
  • In nearly every language except for English, Sandy and Stan are named after tigers (e.g. Japanese "torahamu", a combination of "tiger" and "ham").
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