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Satisfied Bijou


Episode Number: 269

First Airdates

September 16, 2005
North America


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Satisfied Bijou (とっとこホクホク! リボンちゃん) is the 269th episode of the Hamtaro anime series.


At Maria's house, Bijou is looking forward to an upcoming date with Hamtaro. She jumps around her cage excitedly, which causes Maria to worry, since Bijou isn't acting like her usual self. Bijou, not wanting Maria staying to keep an eye on her, runs in her wheel to reassure her owner she is fine. Maria is convinced and decides Bijou will be alright on her own.

Meanwhile, Hamtaro is suddenly woken by Laura, who is trying to find a good outfit to wear. Hamtaro wonders if there was something he was supposed to do, but before he can remember, Laura distracts him by asking for his opinion on her clothes. She tells Hamtaro that she has convinced Travis to spend the day with her. The news surprises Hamtaro, but when Laura admits it isn't technically a date, he quickly falls asleep again, completely forgetting he was supposed to meet Bijou.

Bijou leaves her house, but runs into Pashmina and Penelope, who were looking for her. When Pashmina wants to know where Bijou is going, she panics and simply tells them she's going "over there", then runs away before her friend can ask more questions.

Bijou is worried that the date might not go well and thinks back to the previous day and how this all started: Mystery claimed she had a vision of Bijou with her "loved one". Although Bijou denies having a special someone, Mystery insists that Bijou will have a date soon and her lucky point will be the flower field. While Bijou has her doubts, she tries asking Hamtaro anyway, and he agrees, but suggests they bring the Ham-Hams too. Bijou requests that it should be just the two of them, and Hamtaro promises to keep their outing a secret.

As her flashback ends, Bijou realises that she has accidentally been walking towards the clubhouse. Not wanting to be seen, she disguises herself with an outfit made of leaves. Unfortunately, Boss was sleeping nearby and quickly recognises her. He asks about her outfit and if she's planning to take part in a French show. Bijou goes along with Boss's theory, but once again runs off before he can find out the truth.

Back at Hamtaro's house, Laura has set off for her day with Travis, while Hamtaro wakes up again. He contemplates going to the clubhouse, but suddenly remembers he was going to spend the day with Bijou. On his way to the flower field, he runs into Oxnard, who asks Hamtaro where he is going. Hamtaro is about to tell him, but remembers that he promised Bijou he wouldn't tell the others and runs away instead, leaving behind a confused Oxnard.

Bijou is on her way and thinks about what she and Hamtaro should do during their date together. Howdy suddenly calls out to her and tells her he was in the middle of a delivery. He, too, is curious to know where Bijou is going, but she lies and tells him she was going home. As she runs away, Howdy tries to warn her there is a puddle ahead, but it's too late and Bijou falls in, getting mud all over her fur. Meanwhile, Hamtaro has made it to the flower field, but Bijou hasn't arrived yet. He decides to wait for her while enjoying the scenery. As he relaxes, he notices a dragonfly and playfully chases after it.

Bijou has returned home to clean her fur and reassures herself that Hamtaro will definitely wait for her. Finally satisfied with her appearance, Bijou sets off again, but comes across an unconscious Elder Ham. Concerned, she stops to check on him and takes him to her garden to rest. She tells him that she will get the Ham-Hams to help, but Elder Ham explains he doesn't have much time left and requests that Bijou brings him some delicious sunflower seeds. A distraught Bijou rushes to her home to collect some seeds for him.

Later, after Elder Ham has finished his meal, Bijou asks him if he's feeling better, but Elder Ham just laughs and explains that he was never really in any pain. Bijou is slightly annoyed, but decides to just continue trying to get to the flower field and runs off. Elder Ham catches up to Bijou and tells her the fastest way to get to her destination would be to take the bus, then ushers her onto one just before it leaves. Unfortunately, it was the wrong bus and Bijou has no choice but to wait for it to stop before she can get off.

The bus finally comes to a stop and Bijou isn't exactly sure where she is, but she presses on regardless. Convinced that she is heading the right way, Bijou begins to run, however, she trips, rolls down the path and falls into a bush. Her fur gets dirty again, but this time she doesn't care, she decides finding Hamtaro is much more important. At the clubhouse, the Ham-Hams are discussing how Bijou has been acting strange lately, while Howdy mentions that he saw her heading for the flower field.

Meanwhile, at the Hamha Tree, Magical notices a tired but determined Bijou passing by and follows her. When Bijou finally makes it to her destination, Hamtaro is nowhere to be found. Bijou is upset and believes that Hamtaro left because she kept him waiting for too long. Magical, not wanting Mystery's prediction to be wrong, hides in the bushes and calls out to Bijou, encouraging her to keep searching and to not give up. Bijou continues looking for Hamtaro and suddenly hears a familiar voice call her name. Bijou is moved to tears to see that Hamtaro is still there waiting for her, but she is also embarrassed that she showed up to their date with messy fur. Hamtaro, wanting to cheer her up, places a pink flower on her head, reassuring her that it looks pretty.

Hamtaro suddenly grabs Bijou's paw and instructs her to follow him. He brings her to a lake that he came across while playing and explains that he wanted to show her. Bijou is thrilled that she finally has some time alone with Hamtaro, but it doesn't last long as the other Ham-Hams suddenly appear. Hamtaro reassures his friends that he was planning to tell them about the lake and is glad that they found him. The Ham-Hams all watch the sunset together, and although the day didn't end quite the way Bijou wanted, she is happy regardless.



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