Seamore (カメハムくん) is a hamster who who can swim using the turtle shell on his back. He appeared in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak and Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue, alongside starring in some of the Japanese episodes.

Character description

Seamore is the proclaimed "Ham of the Sea". Using the turtle shell strapped to his back, he swims through the ocean with ease. The Ham-Hams first met him while Boss was "preparing" to surf; the wind blew away Penelope's beach hat into the ocean, to which Seamore jumped out and retrieved it. All of the Ham-Hams were in awe to see a hamster swimming; save for Boss, who was incredibly jealous of Seamore. Out of anger, Boss attempted to find ways to swim himself; this ultimately led to disaster, and Seamore saved Boss from nearly falling off of a cliff.

In Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Seamore stays in the Photo Studio in the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with his girlfriend, Barrette. In the anime series, however, Barrette initially had a crush on Hamtaro; Seamore and Barrette's relationship was not shown in the anime until The Knitting Girl and Seamore (#186).


(カメハム Kamehamu)
Kame means "turtle", referring to his turtle-like appearance and ability to swim.
Seamore A combination of the word "sea" and common name "Seymore".
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