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Snoozer (ねてるくん Neteru-kun) is a hamster who is always sleeping. He serves as a sort of deputy under Boss. He occasionally "wakes up" to provide practical advice to the Ham-Hams when needed.


A mysterious hamster that Boss found in his hideaway in the second episode (which would soon become the Clubhouse). It is unknown where he came from. He is always sleeping, but often utters some helpful advice when the Ham-Hams are in need of it. If the Ham-Hams need to take Snoozer along with them somewhere, a strong Ham-Ham will strap him to their back, carrying him the whole way as he continues to nap. He bears a strong resemblance to Omar, and the other Ham-Hams initially thought they were the same hamster. Based on some later Japanese episodes, it is theorized that Lazuli has a crush on him, though it is very arguable.

In the Japanese version, he always says "sukapi." In the English version, he talks with a lisp.



When the Ham-Ham Clubhouse is finished being built in the second episode, Snoozer seemingly manifests into real life without explanation. Boss returns to the clubhouse to find him there, sleeping in a blue and yellow striped sock. Since then, Snoozer rests in the clubhouse, only leaving on a couple instances and "magically" appearing in the Sweet Paradise the same way he appeared originally in the clubhouse. This happens between episodes, I'm Parting, Clubhouse! and Lapis and Lazuli, because Boss is absent for a while and the clubhouse is locked up. After the events of the aforementioned episodes, Snoozer sleeps in Sweet Paradise instead until Boss returns later on. He is Boss' only company while the Ham-Hams are not around, so Boss holds him dear.


Though it has never been confirmed, It is theorized that Lazuli has a crush on Snoozer. She is always snuggling up to him to sleep and is always the most concerned when he is in trouble or missing. Additionally, Snoozer "marries" Lazuli in the episode Space Hams, but this episode is entirely a dream that Hamtaro has. Their relationship may just be a strong friendship, however.


In the original Hamtaro manga series by Ritsuko Kawai, Snoozer was said to have a crush on Sandy. However, this was never shown in the show. [citation needed]

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(ねてる Neteru)
Neteru (寝てる) means sleeping, referring to his perpetually sleeping habit.
Snoozer From the word snooze, similarly referring to his perpetually sleeping habit.


  • Both Snoozer and Maxwell share almost identical body patterns. The only difference is around the tail, where Snoozer's brown rounds around it whilst Maxwell's brown points at it.[1]
  • Snoozer has two unique socks that he sleeps in: one with blue and yellow stripes, and another that's red with yellow polka dots.
  • Whenever Snoozer sleeps in the Clubhouse and the Sweet Paradise (Until Episode 244), he does so "magically", like how he appeared in both his bed and the Clubhouse in Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite.


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