A Lost Thing of Smiles Season 10 Go Go, Ham-Hams!

Space Hams


Episode Number: 257

First Airdates

June 24, 2005
North America
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Plot Summary

Laura starts to read a new book based on Star Wars when she falls asleep.

We start off with a small ship being followed by a larger ship shooting lasers at it. The larger ship shoots a grapple at the smaller one, dragging it towards it and throws the ship down to the planet below.

On the Sunflower Planet, King Snoozer gets ready for his wedding to the princess. However, she never arrives and Snoozer stays asleep. Oxnard crash lands into Hamtaro's field and tells him to take him to the castle. It turns out that the princess and her aids had been taken captive by the evil Lord Dark.

Snoozer sends out for the Sunflower Guards who consist of Howdy, Maxwell, Panda and Cappy. As they leave, Snoozer tells them to being along Hamtaro as he is the chosen hero.

Aboard the ship, Maxwell offers Hamtaro a Sunflower Sword. However, Hamtaro declines as he would rather use his Hoe. Much to their dismay, they carry on to their destination.

As they land, they find something that belonged to the princess. However, they soon get ambushed and are locked up. Hamtaro uses his hoe to dig them out.

As they escape, they confront Lord Dark as he attempts to marry the princess. During the fight, Hamtaro de-masks Lord Dark's helmet and it turns out that he is Boss! Turns out that they have history together and Hamtaro will not fight Boss. So he continues to marry princess Bijou. But wait!

Bijou is NOT the princess! She and Lapis are her aids! Lazuli is the true princess. Using her magic, she brings light to the planet.

Boss later explains that the darkness of the planet probably turned his heart dark and he renounces all evil. Lazuli goes out of control with colour and creates a mess everywhere.




Other Hamsters:


  • This episode references Star Wars; The other being Doraemon and Crayon Shin-Chan, etc.


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